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Bellwether Farm Groundbreaking

On October 1, we sent up prayers that the day would bring clear skies and warm temperatures; we were excited to celebrate breaking ground on the new Camp and Retreat Ministry Center. Our prayers were answered. More than 300 people made the drive to Wakeman and gathered at the top of the hill to hear Bishop Hollingsworth speak. The Bishop shared a descriptive story about how as a child he had enjoyed hatching monarch butterflies. As he held up a monarch box to show the crowd, a monarch butterfly flew right by! That's just one example of how beautifully the day came together. The Bishop excitedly revealed the Camp and Retreat Ministry Center's official new name: Bellwether Farm. The name comes from how in every flock a shepherd would tie a bell to the neck of a ram to lead the flock of sheep. This name encapsulates what the Diocese strives to accomplish with this center. The Diocese strives to be a trendsetter and lead the way for a new approach to faith, worship, and environmental sustainability. The name was welcomed with cheers as the youth of the Diocese rang sheep bells. After the announcement of the name, the Bishop and a number of project partners put on hard hats and picked up shovels and stuck the shovels in the dirt to ‘break ground’ officially on this remarkable project. Shortly thereafter, everyone headed down the hill to enjoy a BBQ lunch, hay wagon tours of the property, Stations of the Terrain, and other activities focused around sustainable gardening. A great time was had by all. We look forward to many more days of joy and celebration of the world around us. The Groundbreaking Ceremony was a beautiful day of celebration of how far the Bellwether Farm project has come and the excitement of looking towards its future. None of this would be possible without everyone’s help and we thank you for your support, prayers, and generous donations.