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An Update on Bellwether Farm from Bishop Hollingsworth

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,
I write with an update on Bellwether Farm and its progress toward completion.
The cold winter and wet spring caused a number of unexpected delays in construction, though this month's weather has allowed things to move forward productively. Most recently, delays in the fabrication of mechanical elements essential to fire suppression and other safety systems forced us to modify the Diocesan Episcopal Church Women Annual Meeting and a couple of other events scheduled for May and June. Nonetheless, all participants reported that their events were highly successful, even in their altered design.
Because completion of all safety systems is required before occupancy permits can be issued, we have had to arrange alternative accommodations for St. Paul's, Cleveland Heights reading camp at a nearby scouting facility, though they will still have programming at Bellwether. The two weeks of Bellwether summer camp scheduled for mid-July, however, have had to be cancelled. While this is a disappointment to all who have been developing the camp program, it is essential that our facilities are safe and that construction on the site is complete before we initiate residential activities. Arrangements are being made to offer opportunities for those campers who had registered and their families to spend time at the farm later in the summer. 
Elsewhere about the farm, things are very busy. Around the barnyard, goats, sheep, and chickens have taken up residence, and the bees are busy making honey. Farm Manager Kyle Mitchell has extensive crops planted and an abundance of produce already harvested. Please come by to see what is growing and take some fresh vegetables home with you.
It is beautiful at Bellwether this time of year, and there are many opportunities to volunteer and lend a hand. Don't hesitate to contact Kyle at (440) 533-5689 if you'd like to spend some time helping out. They would be delighted to hear from you.
The Rt. Rev. Mark Hollingsworth, Jr.
Bishop of Ohio