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Sustainable Farm Intern & Culinary Intern

Bellwether Farm is currently seeking two interns. Full descriptions and directions to apply are listed below. 
Description of Bellwether Farm: 
Bellwether Farm is a camp, retreat, and education center owned and operated by the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio. The farm operation at Bellwether began in 2018. We have 1.5 acres under intensive, year-round vegetable production (market garden style), including a movable hoop house, and a greenhouse. We also have 100 egg layers in a mobile coop, a small flock of sheep and goats on pasture, and last year raised pastured meat birds and turkeys. We have honeybees, a small orchard, a dozen or so pigs, and a small maple syrup operation. 
Our goal is to use sustainable, organic, and regenerative farm methods to build community and grow food for the dining hall and teaching kitchen. We also provide farm-based education and programming. All who come to Bellwether experience the farm and see the produce come to the dining hall where it is featured in each meal. Extra produce is displayed for guests to purchase on their way out. We are also members of a small farmers’ co-op where we sell our produce.During the pandemic, summer camp and retreat operations have not been possible. Therefore, the majority of the farm’s 2020 harvest was shared with parish feeding programs that served those with limited access to healthy food. 
In 2021, traditional summer camp will be replaced by a variety of programming for all ages, including one-day adventures and overnight stays in the cabins or retreat rooms for individuals, households, and limited groups.
Farm Intern Qualifications: 
  • Passionate about regenerative food systems, sustainable agriculture, ecological farming, permaculture, animal husbandry, healthy foods, homesteading, and community-building
  • Physically able to lift 40lbs, stand for 8+ hours, and willing to work in extreme weather conditions including heat, rain, and wind. 
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
  1. Perform fieldwork including, among other things, seed starting, direct sowing, transplanting, weed management, pest management, irrigation 
  2. Harvest, wash and store crops 
  3. Animal chores (collecting/washing eggs, mucking out stall/coop, sanitizing food and water containers, moving animals, feeding/moving pigs) 
  4. Safe operation of farm equipment and machinery 
  5. Maintain and update paperwork to record tasks completed 
  6. Communicating goals and participating in feedback sessions with fellow crew members 
  7. Assistance with supervising farm volunteers, including education of visitors and group participants. 
Culinary Internship Summary:
The Culinary Intern works directly with the chef and collaboratively with the farmer and farm interns to produce healthy, balanced, nutritious, attractive, and appetizing meals. We fully embrace and strive to embody the farm-to-table model. The internship will help develop the culinary skills of the participant by utilizing a variety of cooking methods in meal preparation. Interns will also learn plating, presentation, and overall hospitality management as we attend to the needs of our guest from arrival to departure. ServSafe standards will be discussed and observed. 
  • Passionate about health food preparation, interested in professional food service standards, and committed to high level hospitality management.
  • Good interpersonal skills and functions well as a team member.
  • Physically able to stand for 8+ hours and lift at least 25 lbs.
  • Previous kitchen experience preferred, although not required.
Other responsibilities include:
  1. Participation in feedback sessions with fellow crew members. 
  2. Assistance with supervising farm volunteers, including education of visitors and group participants.
Compensation (for both Farm and Culinary Internships): 
Internships are unpaid and can range from 6 to 10 weeks.  Summer internship funding (or academic credit) may be available from college or university. Room and board is provided. All meals are provided during the week and the kitchen is available to interns on the weekends. The house has been thoroughly cleaned and all staff interactions will be COVID-compliant. There will also be opportunities during the internship to experience one’s own sense of spirituality and vocation.
Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to William Powel, Canon to the Ordinary, Episcopal Diocese of Ohio.