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Who We Are

Bellwether Farm Camp, Retreat, and Education Center offers a model of sustainable living that promotes physical and spiritual wellness, fidelity to the environment, and social justice.


Nestled into the curves of the Vermillion River, Bellwether Farm is a camp, retreat, and education center dedicated to exposing the wider community to the creation that sustains all of life. As a working farm, its life focuses on four primary activities.

Facilities & Grounds

Bellwether Farm is a unique and affordable option for your next gathering. The center offers brand new facilities featuring a green technology, renewable energy, and water reclamation systems.

Get Involved

Find ways to get involved with Bellwether Farm including volunteer opportunities and ways to give.

Laying the Groundwork

And so it begins. The site construction for the new center commenced in July. The contractor, Workman Industrial from Kent, Ohio will work through September 2016 to complete the first phase of the site construction: cutting the driveways and parking areas, boring water and sewer lines and communications and electrical conduits, installing cisterns, and preparing the areas for storm water management. When the buildings are completed, the crew will return to add the finishing layer to the driveways and parking areas, as well as plant the storm water features. While preparing for the site construction, the project team also hosted a couple of events at the property, including the Stations of the Terrain Hike on Saturday, June 18 and the Western Reserve Land Conservancy’s Firelands Chapter Annual Picnic on Wednesday, July 27. The weather was hot for both events, but the crowds had a great time. More than 60 people attended each event, and everyone was excited to hear about the progress of the Diocese’s new center. In preparation for the next phase of the project, the project team has been interviewing potential construction managers/builders, and they expect to have selected the firm that will work with the Diocese on the buildings by the beginning of September. To celebrate the start of the building construction, the project team will host the official Groundbreaking Ceremony on Saturday, October 1 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in Wakeman. The youth attending the Fall Diocesan Youth Event, hosted by St. Michael’s-in-the-Hills, Toledo, will also join us for the event. In addition to the ceremony, we will have a barbeque picnic and fun activities that showcase some of the programs we will offer when the new center is up and running.

Help plant the fields, fill the barns, beautify & heal the landscape

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