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Who We Are

Bellwether Farm Camp, Retreat, and Education Center offers a model of sustainable living that promotes physical and spiritual wellness, fidelity to the environment, and social justice.


Nestled into the curves of the Vermillion River, Bellwether Farm is a camp, retreat, and education center dedicated to exposing the wider community to the creation that sustains all of life. As a working farm, its life focuses on four primary activities.

Facilities & Grounds

Bellwether Farm is a unique and affordable option for your next gathering. The center offers brand new facilities featuring a green technology, renewable energy, and water reclamation systems.

Get Involved

Find ways to get involved with Bellwether Farm including volunteer opportunities and ways to give.

Learning and Playing the Ukulele

June 26 was a lovely, warm day, and Bellwether Farm was at its best when a group of novice ukulele players gathered under the tree outside the Worship Barn. Each of us brought a ukulele. Some were new, some were gifts, and some had been bought years before with great intentions that gathered dust. We ranged in ages and musical knowledge, but each came with a willing heart. We were joined by Chelsie Cree, the director of the Ukulele Choir at Trinity, Toledo. Chelsie began at the very beginning by asking us if we could identify what kind of ukulele we had, explaining the difference between all the different varieties available. As a group, we mainly had concert or soprano ukuleles along with one bass, making us feel a bit more like a gathering of musicians than the straggling beginners we were.

Chelsie patiently led us from that point, through chords and strumming and then back through chords and strumming until we were ready to play a few simple songs. As we gained experience and confidence, she encouraged us along, and before our new player fingers gave out, she handed us music! This little band of newbies proudly played “Down by the Riverside” and “Amazing Grace.” There is a special feeling being part of any group playing music together, but for those in the group who had started at the very beginning and were now playing with others, it was noteworthy.

It is true, of course, that we did take a break for lunch and enjoy Chef Lonny’s turkey wraps and wonderful chocolate chip cookies, and to take home vegetables from Farmer Kyle and the Bellwether Farm produce stand. However, the promise we made to each other at the end of the day was to practice and come together again to play and learn under the tree outside the worship barn.

Help plant the fields, fill the barns, beautify & heal the landscape

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